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OURCHIVE is a community led organization geared towards providing education, programs and resources centered around art, literacy and social justice to aid marginalized communities in transcending the ideologies and limitations created by traditional academia.

How do we help you?

OURCHIVE provides structured archival practices to organizations, initiatives and communities through cloud based storage. We consult on impact and intention-based content management while providing production services for created content as well as education on sustainability for communities seeking safer, healthier, and more radical spaces for nurturing art, literacy and social awareness.

OURCHIVE in motion

OURCHIVE facilitates events and content that educate outside of traditional academia. We collect data from the events and content we create to archive and package curriculum that would otherwise be unavailable to those that need it most. We make sure that the content we create is culturally informednon-exploitative and respectful. All the production that is done in OURCHIVE's name is done to further explore how to safeguard and sustain healthy practices within communities that produce work and art for social change.